Qualified and motivated employees are crucial to success and quality in teaching and research. For this reason, Münster University of Applied Sciences seeks to continuously improve its research and working conditions. As als result of various measures Münster University of Applied Sciences received in 2015 as one of the first German universities the "Human Resources Excellence in Research" award.
In February 2018, on the basis of an interim evaluation carried out in autumn 2017, we received the best rating from the European Commission for the design of the implementation process and the associated measures (german press release).
This clearly indicates that Münster University of Applied Sciences commits itself to the principles set out in the "European Charter for Researchers" and the "Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers". The Münster University of Applied Sciences offers researchers an excellent framework for their research projects, transparent and fair recruitment procedures, a positive and stimulating working environment as well as attractive offers for personal development.

Involvement and Participation

Particular attention is paid to the involvement of different researcher groups, stakeholders and organisational units as well as a high degree of need orientation. In addition to the inclusion of the management, we consider these points to be key factors for the successful implementation of the measures and a sustainable cultural development.

Selected measures and achievements

Spring/Summer 2018: Securing knowledge

  • The resignations and changes of employees are often a challenge for teams and work areas. Frequently there is also the threat of a loss of important empirical knowledge. In order to further promote the proactive and systematic handling of knowledge at our university, a work aid was published. Individual consultations and workshops are also offered.

Spring/Summer 2018: New coaching programs

  • The overarching goal of four new coaching programs at our university is to enable employees to successfully and joyfully shape their own career path.

February 2018: Best rating by the European Commission

  • In the autumn of 2017, we conducted a self-evaluation to critically reflect on the extent to which we have implemented the measures associated with the HRS4R. In February we received the best rating as feedback by the European Commission (german press release). We are very pleased about this.

December 2017: Trainee Professorship - Exchange of Experiences 

  • The Trainee Professorship is an important development programme on the way to a FH professorship. In December 2017, we met with our trainee professors for the first time in a quality circle to reflect together on challenges, opportunities and support. 

October 2017: Adoption of an HR strategy

  • The further improvement of our working and framework conditions for researchers is our central concern. We have put together important key elements for the period 2017-2020 in an HR strategy.

 October 2017: New offer: Successful doctoral studies

  • If you are doing a doctorate, you need good time and self-management, you have to be able to deal with stressful situations and face problems. From now on, HR developer Dr. Marc Lindart is offering help with this. He advises doctoral students, particularly in conflict situations, and assists them in developing and restoring a good working basis.

 July 2017: Adoption of a recruitment guideline

  • A high degree of professionalism in selection procedures is important to us. We are guided by the standards that we have summarized in a guideline (in the download area)

 Summer 2017: Internal Review

  • As part of the internal review, we have critically reviewed the implementation of the measures in the various fields of activity. The results are very positive (more information in the download area)

 May 2017: New offer: Career counselling for researchers

  • In order to further improve the career opportunities for academics at our university, we are now offering specific career advice.

January 2017: A-Z brochure for new researchers

  • We have developed an information brochure to make the start at our university as pleasant as possible for new scientists. In this section you will find answers to questions that new employees often ask themselves at the very beginning of their work.

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