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Have you ever wondered how to combine a sustainable lifestyle with healthy diets and food culture? Let's find out together during our Summer School "Sustainability, Nutrition and Culinary Studies".

Team up with other students and researchers from different universities and research institutions, to discuss sustainable and healthy diets that are also tasty. This Summer School is intended as a living lab, based mainly on the recently launched report of the EAT-Lancet Commission and your active participation. During the summer school week, we are directly transferring the gained knowledge into practice, which will take place in our food lab Münster (fh-muenster.de/foodlab) and the sensory laboratory. For this purpose, you will need to sharpen all your senses to try and taste different kinds of foods. This also includes cooking meals based on sustainable recipes (friedensteller.de and nahgast.de) and eating lunch together with all participants.

Besides getting to know interesting speakers and participating in exciting workshops, you can expect common cooking events, a visit to our urban gardening project and more. The Summer School will be held in English.

We, FH Münster University of Applied Sciences and the Institute of Sustainable Nutrition (iSuN - fh-muenster.de/isun), are looking forward to seeing you in Münster next summer.

Practical Matters

If you have any questions concerning Practical Matters, which are not answered below, please contact Jana Hoffmann from the International Office (jana.hoffmannfh-muensterde).

You should start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. There are several fair-priced hostels close to the city center of Münster. Jana Hoffmann will be happy to help you with your search.

You are obliged to have appropriate health insurance while living in Germany. We strongly recommend to taking out appropriate liability insurance as well. Citizens of the EU who plan on staying in Germany temporarily can apply for the EU Health Insurance Card in their home country. This card gives you the same health insurance benefits as German citizens.

Whether you need a visa depends on your nationality. If you are a resident of the EU/EEA and return home within 90 days of arrival, you do not need a visa to enter Germany. The same applies to some 40 additional nationalities. Please check with the German Federal Foreign Office (www.auswaertiges-amt.de) if you need a visa.

Transport to Münster must be organized and paid by the participant.
The closest airports to Münster are International Airport Münster/Osnabrück (FMO), Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Düsseldorf Airport (DUS). From the airports, you can travel by bus (FMO) or train (FRA, DUS) to Münster.  

Germany, like the 18 other countries in the Eurozone, uses the euro as its official currency. For the latest rate, check an online currency converter.


Registration is not yet possible.

Past Summer Schools

You are eager to get to know more about summer schools at FH Münster University of Applied Sciences? Check out the information about past summer schools at our university.

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