Every year, since 2016 the FH Münster has taken huge pride in offering our partner universities' and in-house students a unique International Summer School.

Students from all around the world have come together over these last years to learn about essential topics such as: innovation, entrepreneurship and digitalization; which has led to high quality projects with social impact and lifelong friendships.

This year for the first time, we are excited to re-launch our International Summer School, now in its virtual edition: "Innovation Districts - Discovering the elements that boost knowledge-based economies"!

Despite the circumstances, we promise a high-quality distance learning experience held in synchronous, real-time virtual format and also asynchronous activities with all the flexibility and personalization that online learning grants.

Our Summer School will be awarding the same number of credits, meet the same learning objectives, and cover the same content, from an entirely different learning platform.

We are eager to hear from you and ready to keep writing our International Summer School history together…!

Tuition fee

No fee.


Is there a limit of students to be admitted? We will have a limit, but we do not want to establish it right now, as we fear that students will then start speculating and refraining themselves from applying, if we get too many applications, we will go through a selection process.

Applying, will not grant a space, but a great application surely will :)

Are there any pre-requisites in order to apply for the program?

Apart from being fluent in English and being enrolled in a business or marketing undergraduate or graduate program, there are no further requisites. However, since the Summer School focuses on research methods and Innovation Districts, the students should be interested in these topics.

At what time will the synchronous sessions take place?

We have not specified the synchronous sessions, so that we can remain flexible towards our international students. It will depend on the countries that will take part, so a more detailed schedule will be sent out once we have received all applications and have selected the final number of participants.

Are professors allowed to participate in the course? Professors are welcome to participate as observers, but will not be graded, nor assessed in their tasks. We do appreciate application forms on behalf of them along with their line of expertise, research topics, etc. in order to find interesting matches here at the FH Münster and maybe collaborations on their research / project agendas.

How much work load do the students have and what is the ratio between synchronous class and independent work?

After the course, students will receive 3 ECTS. Each ECTS is equivalent to 28 hours and under normal circumstances we would have 1/3 of them devoted to independent work. However, in this case it will be a bit more since we consider it anti-pedagogical to have students in synchronous classes for more than three hours a day. So we have a structured program that has a balance between synchronous and asynchronous classes, making independent work the heaviest variable in hour load.

When is the deadline for submitting the application?

Deadline is the second week of June.

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