This year, we promise a summer school with a holistic approach on upcycling with the support of experts in the field that will tackle the many emerging opportunities and challenges, from theory to practice. A total of 3 ECTS will be awarded to all students who partake of this two-week experience and successfully achieve the intended learning outcomes of the program. We have strategically distributed the work load in 3 categories: 20 hours of theory, 20 hours of hands-on project-based learning and 20 hours of independent study. 

Led by Prof. Felix Beck from the Münster School of Design (MSD), students will be able to take a two-day excursion to Prof. Becks atelier in the Münsterland region, where they will be taught to develop solutions to the imposed challenges, from an idea to a tangible product. 

A three-day trip to Amsterdam, will take place to focus on best practices and to visit iconic places that will broaden the students' understanding and implications of upcycling. It is also foreseen that they enjoy the culture and explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam during their free time. 

The Summer School aims for a mix of 12 international & 12 local students, who will be selected based on the following criteria: a) motivation to take part; b) English skills, minimum B1 level; c) pertaining to a master program or senior bachelor year; d) affiliation to the FH Münster or one of their partner universities.


Tuition Fee

Important for international students: There will be a 500 EUR fee that includes:

  1. accommodation from 2.08 until 18.08;
  2. internal transportation (bus or bike in Münster);
  3. 3-day trip to Amsterdam (transportation & accommodation);
  4. 2-day deep dive excursion to Münsterland at Prof. Becks farm; and
  5. final dinner gala. 

*Important for local and international students: Meals, snacks and drinks should be arranged by the students.

Apply here!


Required documents to upload in the application form:

1. University proof of enrollment*

2. English level certificate.* A minimum English level of B1 is required. (No specific certificate, but we need a document that proves your ability to speak and understand the language)

3. Short video telling us about yourself

4. Proof of vaccination. To be able to ensure participation in all the planned activities and minimize risk, we kindly ask for a proof of being either vaccinated (+ boostered) or having recovered from COVID.

*Local FH Münster students do not need to upload the university proof of enrollment and the English language certificate.

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