Bachelor Programme: Business Administration

Undergraduate students without German language knowlege are welcome to spend a semester studying in our BA Business Adminstration programme. Students both from our partner universities and freemovers from other universities are welcome to take part in this programme.

By studying in this programme, you can choose courses from a wide-range of specialisations that we offer.

For students in their 2nd year:

General Management

For students in their 3rd year:

Organisation/ IT / Logistics
Organisation / IT/ Value Chain and Value Networks
Accounting and Finance

In addition to every specialisation, you will have a compulsory German language course and courses focusing on German Academia and Society.


Course Catalogue

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FAQ Examination Office / Prüfungsamt


How can I choose and register for classes at the Münster School of Business?

Before you arrive in Münser, you will work closely with the Office for International Studies (OfIS) located at the Münster School of Business to choose your courses and to complete your learning agreement.

Here you find our study programme for international students.

If you use the link to the current course catalog you need to know that most courses for incoming students (at our department) for one semester can be found below the topic "Fachbereich Wirtschaft(MSB)" - "Business Administration Zeugnis/Zertifikat".

How can I enroll at the University of Applied Sciences Münster?

To enroll and register you will work both with the Office for International Studies at the Münster School of Business as well as our central International Office. If you are from a partner university, you first need to be nominated from your home university. The next step is to register through our central International Office. If you are a freemover from a non-partner university, you can directly register with the central International Office.

How can I find accomodation?

There are several possibilities for international students to find accommodation in Münster. You may apply for a room or apartment in one of the residencies of the Student Support Services (Studierendenwerk Münster).

How can I learn German?

You can attend German courses offered at the Münster School of Business. These courses are integrated into your study programme and should be your priority choice. If interested, you can also choose to take additional German classes offered by our central International Office as part of our FHIRST activities.

How do I register for courses and for exams?

Generally there is no need to register for courses. Students just need to go to the first lesson. If you need to register for a course, then you will see the term “Belegen” in CAMS (Campus Management System). You will need to register for exams by going to the CAMS roughly four weeks after classes begin. A personal login will be required. International students need to register with “Zeugnis/Zertifikat Business Administration (year).” This is because international students have a few extra courses (such as language courses) that are not available for regular students. Please note: if you miss the registration deadline, you will not be able register for exams anymore. Furthermore, if you want to withdraw from an exam, you will have to do that within a certain deadline during the semester.

At the start of the semester, "Come Together" tutors or Nick Langer will explain to you the register process and will help you to register for your exams.


Information for current and accepted students

Due to changed lecture times it is always possible at the beginning of the semester that timetable clases may occur.

If this happens you may need to decide which course you want to study and find another course instead. In this case please select a course of the above "List of all courses offered in English" which works with your timetable.

Below you find a list of important dates for you as a MSB student, a checklist of administartive things you should be aware of and the timetables according to our suggested specialisations. Finally all courses offered should be found somewhere in all the timetables. Courses with 6 ECTS usually have 2 slots per week which both have to be visited.

At "Documents" you will find i.e. "Certificate of Arrival and Departure" or "Change of Learning Agreement".

International Summer School

International Summer School


Master programme: International Marketing and Sales

International students from our partner universities are cordially invited to study one semester in the Master programme International Marketing & Sales (MIMS).

The aim of MIMS is to prepare you to take on leadership positions in marketing and sales in an internationally operating company. You will not only enhance your skills in terms of marketing and sales, but also you will gain intercultural compentencies necessary to succeed in a globalized economy. Courses are taught in English on topics such as International Sales, CRM & Online Marketing, Intercultural Management and International Commerce & Leadership.
If your home university agrees, you can also attend courses taught in English on an undergraduate level.

To attend this programme, you must be enrolled in a Master's degree program at your university.


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Our examination board FAQs

If you have any questions concerning the rules and regulations of recognition of achievements, enrolment for an examination and so on, please take a look at the FAQs of our examination board.


Register for Courses

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Register for Exams

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What do I need to do when I arrive in Münster?

After your arrival in Münster, "Welcome Tutors" at the International Office of the FH Münster will offer support with the registration process. For this process, you will need the following documents: a copy of your ID card/passport and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Once you have received notification from the International Office, they complete an online form and upload the aforementioned documents. After the International Office has reviewed these documents, a request for payment of the semester fee will be uploaded onto the site. This fee must be paid before the student ID and semester ticket can be issued. The student ID and semester ticket will be kept at the International Office ready for collection when you arrive in Münster. Please note that the fee paid is not a tuition fee but a contribution to the central students' organisation and social fee that also provides the semester ticket for free public transport in the region up to Enschede in the Netherlands. If there are any changes that need to be made to your learning agreement, you will need to contact the Office for International Studies located at the Münster School of Business.

What support will I receive from the Münster School of Business?

In addition to the support from the Welcome Tutors at the International Office, you will also receive support from students in our “Come Together” team. They will give you support with academic matters related to your studies of Business Administration and they also run our Buddy Programme in which every international student ideally has one of our regular students as a buddy.

All administrative issues are done by the OfIS team of the Münster School of Business.

Where can I do sports?

University Sports in Münster enables approximately 20,000 students every week. Here you will find around 120 different types of sports activities plus sports tours and tournaments.

Where can I find more tips for organizing my stay in Münster?

The central International Office has prepared practical tips for your organizing your stay in Münster and for getting the most out of your studies at the FH Münster.

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