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Student exchange / Intercambio de estudiantes / Intercâmbio de estudantes

A crucial element of CALA is its compulsory student exchange leading to a double degree. CALA students from Münster spend at least two semesters at top-tier Latin-American partner universities and a semester in a company in Latin-America. MSB maintains partnerships for more than 20 years and provides free of charge exchange places. Vice-e-versa, exchange students coming from our partners in Latin America enrich the programme´s intercultural student mix in MSB´s courses - hereby obtaining a double degree from FH Münster (Bachelor of Arts).

Student exchange is supported by MSB´s international office (OfIS). Every student receives personal guidance and support. Students from our Latin-American partners are introduced through various events and a buddy programme. They mix with students from Germany and other countries in courses and receive personal support during their whole stay in Germany.

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International Business Content

CALA prepares its students for international managerial positions with extensive international and intercultural competences. Some courses like "Intercultural Management" train management skills. Other courses, to be chosen as elective, introduce and further specialise students for different areas of international business / economy. Students coming from Latin-America receive an introduction to German culture and economy in specific courses like "German Academia" or "Regional Studies of Europe".

Foreign Business Language Education

CALA has a strong focus on business language education and the development of intercultural competences. Students are educated in foreign business languages (English/German & Spanish/Portuguese dependent on the partner university). Business language education prepares the student exchange visit abroad and deals with business subjects. CALA additionally provides a variety of English taught modules on business subjects. 

Experienced Faculty

At MSB, we value experience and competence. Our professors have six years of business experience on average before professorship. Usually, they come from leadership positions or were deployed as specialists in a relevant business area. They share their practical experience always combined with a profound international & scientific perspective. This recipe ensures up-to-date and high-quality lectures educating for a global mindset.

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