The European Business Programme (EBP) is offered by Münster School of Business (MSB), the business school of Münster University of Applied Sciences. EBP is a comprehensive business studies programme. Founded in 1981, it is one of Germany`s oldest international business & management programmes offering dual bachelor degrees with partner universities in England, Ireland, Finland, France, Spain and China.

Coming from a partner university you will join EBP either in year 2 or year 3 and will study the programme in English or German. The majority of incoming students chooses the English track where they meet not only international students but also EBP and other business students from the MSB.  Please apply via your home university.  If you are unsure whom to contact, please send us a mail and we will forward you the email address of our contact person. A list of partner universities can be found via the link below.

EBP´s Curriculum for Students from Partner Universities

EBP is a 7 semester programme including 1 semester of placement. To receive the BA from EBP you will need to earn 210 ECTS credits including a semester of placement with a minimum of 60 ECTS from modules taught at MSB. The agreement between EBP and your home university will specify the year you will join us and how your placement will be validated. To summarize:

  • 7 semesters = 210 ECTS credit points (CP)
  • Including 1 semester (usually 20 weeks) of placement = 30 ECTS- CP (agreements with partner universities may deviate from this rule)
  • Minimum 60 ECTS-CP achieved at Münster School of Business (MSB) in modules
  • Thesis (written at MSB or home institution)


For students joining from partner universities in year 3 the module requirements for their year in Münster are as given below:

Year 3 winter at MSB, Münster                                          

Year 3 summer at MSB, Münster

German Language

German Academia and Society

1 intermediate module


1 specialisation







2 Specialisation


1 short thesis**







 *One specialization module can be replaced by 2 intermediate modules

** If the thesis is written at your home university you will be able to replace it by an intermediate module


"Intermediate Modules" are 2nd year modules that to some extent can be chosen by 3rd year students. "Specialisation modules" are 3rd year modules.


You can choose from the following modules taught in English:

Intermediate Modules 6 ECTS-CP

Specialisation  Modules 12 ECTS-CP

Managing Technology (p 60)

International HRM (p 61)

Intermediate Finance (p 63)

Logistics (p 67)

Economics II: Globalization and European Integration (p 80)

Business Game TOPSIM (p 81)

Entrepreneurship (p 83)

Project (individual; p 84)

Corporate Management (p 85; summer only)

International Management (p 88)

Current Issues in International Management and Economics (Economic development of nations; Business models and valuation) (p 89)

(page numbers refer to module handbook)

Advanced Organization Design (p 92)

International New Ventures (p 96)

International Marketing (p 114)

Strategic Marketing (p 127)

Information regarding EBP´s placement-semester

In the attached document you will find useful information for organising your semester of placement within the EBP programme.

Living in Münster

The "Prinzipalmarkt" is the heart of Münster's Old Town. (Foto: Presseamt Münster/Angelika Klauser)

Münster is a city located in the north-west of Germany and home of about 320.000 citizens. The town was founded in the 8th century (AD) around a monastery. Later it became the seat of a Prince Bishop and a member of the Hanseatic League. In its town hall the Treaty of Westphalia was signed in 1648, ending the Thirty Years' War that involved the major European powers of the time.

Today, it is the cultural capital of Westphalia. With more than 50.000 students, Münster is one of Germany's biggest university towns. This clearly influences the lifestyle and leisure activities.

Münster's busy Kuhviertel and Hafen areas contain just a small part of the countless pubs in this city.
But not only night life is worthwhile in Münster. Münster's Old Town around the famous Prinzipalmarkt, which is known for his historic buildings, makes this city unique. Just like the innumerable amount of bikes, or Leezen as they are called locally - with around 600.000 bikes there are twice as many bikes in this city than residents.  No wonder that Münster is known as the "Bicycle Capital" of Germany.

Modern architecture and historic buldings in perfect symbiosis, diverse museums and varied events - altogether Münster is the "World's Most Liveable City" (LivCom Award 2004). We invite you to become part of the EBP family and to enjoy Münster to the full.

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