Kelechi Ibeleche
Kelechi on her bike in Dortmund where she lives. (Photo: private)

Kelechi Ibeleche comes from the Eastern part of Nigeria and has successfully completed a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics. As a child, the 27-year-old always dreamed of becoming a medical doctor. Later, Kelechi applied for a bachelor's program in Biochemistry at the Federal University of Technology Owerri in Nigeria. As the department had reached its limit for admissions, she got admitted for Agricultural Economics instead. "Although a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics originally was not my first choice, I really enjoyed studying the program!", Kelechi laughs. "Basically, it was a bachelor's program in Economics only with focal points on agricultural aspects", she explains. During her bachelor studies, the Nigerian student developed special interest in marketing topics which led her to take on a job in the marketing and sales department of an energy company in Nigeria after she graduated.

Kelechi Ibeleche
Kelechi in front of the Berlin Cathedral during a trip to the German capital. (Photo: private)

"I always wanted to do a master's degree abroad."

For a long time, it was clear to Kelechi that she would like to do her master's degree abroad. "I chose Germany because of its high standard of education and because I get to learn an entirely new language besides my mother tongues English and Igbo. Also, I wanted to experience a totally different culture", the Nigerian student who had never been to Germany before explains. What certainly also encouraged her to come to Germany was that some of her family members are living in Dortmund. Now that she lives there as well, Kelechi enthuses over the student life in Germany: "Germany is one of the safest countries for foreign students to be. It is very student friendly as there are several policies in place that favor students, for instance, the semester ticket that enables you to move freely in whole North Rhine-Westphalia via public transport. There are also a lot of opportunities for students to work", Kelechi says. She further highlights that Germans are very supportive and that people in public offices are mostly willing to speak English which was especially helpful upon her arrival.

"The international and practical orientation of the IMS program strongly appealed to me."

Her work experience in the field of marketing and sales encouraged Kelechi to deepen her knowledge within this area by completing a corresponding master's degree. While researching for appropriate programs, the IMS program specifically awakened her interest. "Its international and practical orientation as well as the incorporation of courses that are highly relevant in nowadays digital world such as Online Marketing attracted me", the student says. The fact that interviews were conducted to select suitable candidates for the program made Kelechi even more excited about the program. "I am so glad to give this interview since I myself got encouraged even more to apply for the IMS program while I was reading many nice reviews from alumni", the 27-years-old laughs. Kelechi got admitted at FH Münster in March 2020 but started taking her first courses in October 2020. Due to COVID-19 lockdown measures in Germany, this meant online classes for her right from the beginning. As everything took place online, she did not move to Münster but stayed in Dortmund close to her family members.

"The program prepares you for what lies ahead of you in your future career."

"I like most about the program that it is interactive and hands-on", Kelechi stresses. "Instead of only learning subject matters by heart for exams, you need to hold several presentations, carry out moderations, teach other students, work in groups, and work independently which ensures that you are actively involved in the learning process. The master's program does not only equip you with essential knowledge but also with crucial soft skills you need to possess as a future sales or marketing manager who needs to do a lot of talking, pitching, and convincing", Kelechi points out. As she decided for the semester project instead of studying a semester abroad, she is already keen on applying her acquired expertise during her six-months internship in the marketing department of B2B International GmbH in the upcoming winter term (2021/22).

"Be prepared: It will not be easy, but it is more than worth it!"

When asked what advice she would give newly incoming international students, Kelechi stressed that it is important to start learning the German language already before coming to Germany. She further highlights that one should be passionate about the study course: "You should be driven and intentional about why you want to participate in the IMS master's program. This will not only increase your chances of getting accepted to the course but will also give you the necessary persistence once you got admitted.". She finally points out that one should be aware that the master's program is by far not easy, but she is entirely convinced that after graduating she is best prepared for a career in the marketing field.

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