Punctuality and Octoberfest: Germany for beginners

21. Oktober 2022

Zum Thema

Dieser Workshop findet nun auf Deutsch statt! Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie im International Office.


How do I greet a professor? How does waste separation work? And what can I do in my free time? It is often difficult for foreign students to get along in Germany. Not only the foreign university life, but there are also many new things in the everyday life.


In this workshop a general insight about the German culture, the social "framework", the behavior as well as the German work mentality will be given. German clichés as well as possible "faux pas" will be addressed and how to avoid them. After the training, participants will have an overview of the cultural differences between Germany and their home countries and how they manifest themselves.


  • Training of intercultural competence
  • Dealing with the (direct) German communication style
  • Conveying the most important values with regard to thinking, acting and feeling in the German culture
  • Analysis of different German cultural dimensions

All students of the FH Münster



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Rahmendaten der Veranstaltung
Veranstalter:International Office
AnsprechpartnerInnen, DozentInnen, ReferentInnen und Seminarleitung

  • Karolin Boom (karolin.boom@fh-muenster.de; 0251 -83 64123)
  • Ingeborg Lindhoud, Symphony Communication
  • Hüfferstiftung
    Hüfferstraße 27
    48149 Münster
  • Raum: B023
Termin(e), Uhrzeiten
21. Oktober 202214:00 - 16:00 Uhr

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