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Moses Onyoin (Fotos: FH Münster/MSB)

1. Mr. Onyoin, what topics are you researching?

"I am currently undertaking two streams of research. First, for my PhD, I am examining the governance of Public-Private Partnership as a policy instrument for the delivery of public infrastructure and services. As you know, for many reasons, the phenomenon of delivering public services through collaborative arrangements between the private and public sector is increasingly being adopted in many countries. But it is also increasingly evident that these partnerships are vulnerable to a number of unique challenges. So in my study I am examining the adaptation mechanisms of Public-Private Partnerships in the face of such challenges. Secondly, I am working with some colleagues here at the MSB on two other short research projects. One project explores the use of Public-Private Partnerships as a tool for the development of high growth entrepreneurship, and the other explores the efficacy of co-working spaces in turbulent work environments. So that's basically what keeps me busy research wise.

2. What are your tasks here at MSB?

"Well, in addition to research, in the last semester I have facilitated a couple seminars with Prof. Dr. Sonja Öhlschlegel-Haubrock on Human Resources Development and Human Resources Recruitment and Motivation. Together with Prof. Dr. Michael Wasserman I have delivered some lectures in international and strategic management. In addition, I offered students an intercultural seminar on Uganda."

3. What do you take home from your stay abroad?

"I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit in the past few years. And for me it always feels like a different experience for every place because of the people I meet and the reasons for which I travel. That said this is the first time that I am living and working in country where the English language is neither native nor an outright official first language. In that regard this is a much more unique experience. I knew this was going to be the case and was mentally prepared for it but obviously there is a bit of your functionality that gets affected. The administrative and academic support system here is incredible and has helped me a lot to sustain that functionality. I suspect I have also missed out on a couple of things that could have fallen in the language cracks but that's okay.

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