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Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Marcus Laumann

Fachbereich Wirtschaft

Corrensstraße 25, 48149 Münster, Raum: C 515

Tel: 0251 83-65676
Fax: 0251 83-65502


Studiengangsleiter Deutsch-Lateinamerikanischer Studiengang Betriebswirtschaft (CALA)

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Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet:
Organisation, insbesondere in internationalen Unternehmen

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Marcus Laumann

  • International (Strategic) Management/ International Business
  • Management across cultures/ Intercultural Management
  • (International) Business Process Management
  • (International) Project Management

  • Some ideas for your Bachelor or Master thesis (in German, English or Spanish):
  • Towards aligning strategy and business processes
  • Optimization of business processes/ Business Process Standardization
  • Emotions across Cultures/ Impact of Culture on Perception
  • Management in ... Spain, the USA, India, Turkey, China, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, etc.
  • Reasons and challenges of Offshoring to China/ Mexico/ India....Reshoring to the US/ Europe
  • Market entry strategies for ... China, India, Brazil, etc.
  • Applying Business Model Canvas to your own business idea
  • Tools for improving the effectiveness of (multicultural and) virtual teams
  • Comparison of different intercultural competence development models
  • Tools for assessing and developing intercultural competence
  • Cultural Standards of Colombia, Critical Incidents in China, India, etc.
  • ... any other topic related to the focus areas mentioned above.

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