Advanced Physical Chemistry

The lecture notes are constantly under revision - updated versions are available in the Ilias system. All material may only be used in the framework of the course and must not be redistributed or modified by any means.
Exercises will be made available in the Ilias system as well, matching the material presented in the lecture. Please prepare and discuss solutions in the relevant etherpad inside Ilias.
"Jupyter Notebooks" are an excellent tool for combining graphics, Python code and documentation. To install "Python3" as well as the "Notebook" (on most Linux- and Unix-systems it is already present or in the repository), use the "Anaconda"-installer, which is free of charge (and chose the Python3 version!). The notebooks along with necessary additional files are made available in Ilias.
All lab exercises have to be presented briefly in front of the class before starting. Background, tools, methods and goals should be explained as clearly as possible. As outlined at the beginning of the module, the quality of these contributions (together with contributions to the various etherpads and exercises, as far as they can be assigned to individuals) will be the basis for the assignment of 20 exam (grading) points. Criteria are (please suggest more or others):
- Quality / depth of problem analysis
- Amount of additional aspects / views introduced
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