This project was initially funded by the German Ministry of Research and Technology (BMBF) and the company Carl Zeiss. While the original project has long been completed, we continue to develop monolithic ring lasers in the framework of other projects. Our main goals are increased output power and the operation at novel wavelengths.

Monolithic ring lasers are often referred to by the acronyms "MISER" (monolithic isolated, end-pumped ring laser) or "NPRO" (non-planar ring oscillator). These lasers have the highest frequency stability of all solid state lasers. For this reason, there are numerous applications that rely on this class of lasers, e. g. detection of gravitational waves, optical inter-satellite communication, optical frequency standards for spectroscopy (incl. LIDAR), fiber optical sensors, and many more.

Most currently available monolithic ring lasers are based on a patent by Byer and Kane which was filed in 1984. Output powers of up to 1 Watt are available from this concept. However, many applications would benefit from higher powers, e. g. in the range of 10 W. We have developed a novel concept for monolithic ring lasers that allows power scaling to several Watts. The concept also allows laser operation at quasi-three-level transitions.

Publications concerning this research:

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