Lab Experiment 1: Optical Sources

In this experiment the characteristics of optical sources are examined.

First we determine the Current/Power-curves of Infrared-LEDs and laserdiodes. Moreover, the spectra of LEDs and Fabry-Perot-laserdiodes are measured with an optical spectrum analyser.

In the third part of the experiment we concentrate on DFB-laserdiodes. Spectrum, sidemode suppression and temperature dependance are examined.



Lab Experiment 2: Optical time domain reflectometry

This experiments gives insight in the method of optical time domain reflectometry.

Here short pulses are launched into the fiber. The received echoes give informations about fiber length and attenuation as well as position of splices and connectors.

We will examine as well multimode as well singlemode fibers. Special emphasis is laid on the physical fundamentals of the different regarded effects.



Lab Experiment 3: Splicing of optical fibers

Here we learn how fiber splicing is done.

First the splicers parameters are varied and the results are examined. With that, we get an idea, how critical the correct choice of these values is.

Moreover, we use two different splice units: an old one, which can raise disappointments if not handled correctly.

Afterwards, a modern splicer is deployed. With pattern recognition the optimum fiber position is determined. However, even this one is not really foolproof...;-))



Lab Experiment 4: Assembly of optical connectors

In this experiment we learn to assembly fiber connectors.

First the fibers have to be correctly cleaved. This is followed by the critical insertion of the fiber tip into the connector ferrule.

After glueing and drying of the device the connector endfaces are polished carefully. The result testing is done via fiber microscope, which shows the prepared endface in detail.

Finally we measure the connector losses to see, if the fabricated connectors comply with the desired standard.



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