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ma.m7.3 CWS - Vorbereitungskurs bei Prof. Weischer


The Caribbean WinterSchool is an international annual workshop founded in 2010 by Muenster University of Applied Sciences, Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Technological University of Habana José Antonio Echeverría in Havana, Cuba.

Cuba has a rich and stirring history which is still told by the omnipresent relics of the past such as the old crumbling colonial mansions, the colorful bars and shops with interior which evoke memories of yesterday and the legendary American cars from the mid-19th-century.

Currently Cuba is in the process of opening up to the world. This development can be seen as an economical and sociological change. This means not only a transformation of the metropolises such as Havana with its iconic buildings, the old town and the lively neighborhoods close by.

Recent occurrences revealed the ecological consequences of climate change, especially for Central America, and showed that the city has to find ways to protect itself against future tempests.

The Caribbean WinterSchool is focussed on development of innovative concepts for urban design strategies for Havana in context of future changes. The workshop addresses students graduated with bachelor degree from a school of architecture.

The 3-week workshop combined with a scientific preparation phase will be rewarded with an international certificate upon completion of the program. The course is allocated with 12 Credits in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System ECTS.


During your period of residence you will be faced with various cultural discussions about Havana as an expanding city of change. Thereby your subject-specific skills will be strengthened in context of contemporary issues as mentioned before.

The focus of the workshop is the development of an urban design concept in an authentic way of working with the help of conventional and even digital tools.

To focus on the international idea of the workshop groups should reflect a certain kind of diversity. Therefore each working group consists of participants from different schools and countries to create an unique environment.

Related to the old history of sugar trade in Cuba, the workshop will be located on a historic site of a former cane plantation. An old mansion offers great space to work on the objective together in a very special atmosphere.

Preparation Phase

The first task is focussed on a self-organized scientific analysis on common architecture literature, which leads to a first short presentation as a foundation for the subsequent workshop. Literature references will be announced soon after your successful application.


The workshop concentrates on different areas of Havana every year. The Caribbean WinterSchool 2020 will focus the topic of an urban regeneration at the mouth of the Rio Almendares. The exact task will be released within the first week of the workshop. The design process will be accompanied through inspiring lectures by international renowned professors.


Prof. Fernando Ramos ETSAB Barcelona

Prof. Jordi Sutrias UIC Barcelona

Prof. Ulrich Blum MSA Muenster

Prof. Dr. Rubén Bancrofft CUJAE Havana

Prof. Joiselen Cazanave CUJAE Havana

Prof. Dr. Jorge Peña CUJAE Havana

Prof. John Lee MSA Manchester

Prof. Jens Ludloff University of Stuttgart

Prof. Martin Weischer MSA Muenster

Prof. Gavriela Nussbaum Technion Haifa

Barbara Schudok Technical University Munich


Caribbean WinterSchool 2020 will take part from February 17th to March 8th.

Applicants are advised to contact the WinterSchool until 1st December 2019.

Arrival and departure are self-organized to allow a flexible stay. Feel free to complement your trip and travel around before or after the workshop.

Week One
17.02.20 Arrival + Welcome evening
18.02.20 Introduction
19.02.20 La Habana tour + Lecture
20.02.20 Literature assignment + Lecture
21.02.20 Site analysis + Lecture
22.03.20 Site analysis + Presentation
23.03.20 Beach trip

Week Two
24.02.20 Workshop + Lecture
25.02.20 Workshop + Lecture
26.02.20 Workshop + Lecture
27.02.20 Workshop + Lecture
28.02.20 Workshop
29.02.20 Midterm presentation
01.03.20 Beach trip

Week Three
02.03.20 Workshop + Lecture
03.03.20 Workshop + Lecture
04.03.20 Workshop + Lecture
05.03.20 Workshop
06.03.20 Workshop
07.03.20 Final presentation + Farewell evening
08.03.20 Departure | Onward journey

Subject to modification!


Applicants are advised to contact the WinterSchool until 1st December 2019.

The workshop is focussed on students graduated with a bachelor degree from a school of architecture.

Students of cooperating schools can apply for the Caribbean WinterSchool directly online or by their local contact. If you are a student from another school of architecture and like to participate in the workshop, please get in touch with us!

The number of participants is limited. Applicants will be considered according to the order of application.

Places will only be reserved on receipt of a deposit of 150 Euro (non-refundable). Registration also requires to send in a short CV along with the Entry Application Form. The form can be downloaded from the workshops website. Submission is preferred online.

Each participant requires a valid visa e.g. A1 or tourist card and a travel health insurance.

The workshop fee is 910,00 Euro including accommodation and full board every day. Travel costs are not included.


General Information

Team Caribbean WinterSchool | Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Blum MArch (AA DRL)

Tutor | Dave Pauls

Leonardo Campus 5
48149 Muenster
Room 130.307
Mail teamblumfh-muensterde

Cracow University of Technology

Information will be announced soon!

Manchester School of Architecture

Information will be announced soon!

Technical University of Munich

Information will be announced soon!

Muenster School of Architecture

Team Caribbean WinterSchool | Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Blum MArch (AA DRL)

Tutor | Dave Pauls

Leonardo Campus 5
48149 Muenster
Room 130.307
Mail teamblumfh-muensterde

University of Stuttgart

Institute of Sustainability, Building Construction and Design - Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Jens Ludloff

Kirsten Thiel M.A.

Sergi Egea Bohn M.A.

Keplerstrasse 11

70174 Stuttgart

Tel: +49 (0)711 685 829-11

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Information will be announced soon!


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